Version 0.11.0

On 10 February 2017 we released version 0.11.0. It comes with various bug fixes and improvements. Among the main changes:

  • Nebular models have been improved, refined, and extended towards lower radiation field intensities.
  • There is a new module to compute rest-frame quantities such as the UV β slope, IRX, Dn4000, emission lines equivalent widths, and colours & luminosities in any set of bands.
  • The handling of filters has seen various improvements and a new set of filters has been added. Run “pcigale-filters list” for a complete list.
  • Several optimisations have led up to ~30% in speedup for the computation of the models.
  • Fix for a crash with Numpy 1.12 and another one when using upper limits.
  • The minimum python version has been bumped to 3.5, however for better performance we recommend using Python 3.6.

Finally as usual we strongly suggest that you regenerate your pcigale.ini file. Let us know if you have any question or comment.

Download CIGALE 0.11.0