Experimental wheel

We build an experimental wheel to ease the installation of CIGALE. If you know how and are able to use pip to install Python software (e.g. in a virtual environment) you can download the file from there.

Then, if you do pip install pcigale-2018.0.1-py3-none-any.whl, it should install CIGALE and all its dependencies. Once CIGALE is installed, you can delete the whl file.

Please, contact us if you have any problem or remark.

Note: We updated the version number to 2018.0.1 as it contains the corrections to make CIGALE installable in non editable mode.

[Edit Novembre 6th, 2019] The link to the wheel was changed.

Version 0.9.0

On 04 April 2016 we released version 0.9.0. It comes with numerous bug fixes and a few optimizations. Among the main changes:

  • It is now possible to pass the parameters through a flat file (one line for each model and one column for each parameter).
  • The input parameters now undergo a sanity check to ensure that they do not create problems.
  • For convenience the output files have been merged into a single file. The parameters are prefixed with “bayes” when estimated from the PDF and with “best” if they come from the best fit. This file is provided both in FITS and ASCII formats.
  • For efficiency, the output spectra and SFH are now saved in FITS rather than in VO-table.
  • The behaviour of dustatt_calzleit has been modified to ensure that the actual E(B-V) corresponds to that requested in input. The results are unchanged but it means you may need to sample the E(B-V) to higher values now.
  • Various fixes to improve the accuracy of the results, in particular when z>0.

Note that pcigale.ini generated with older versions of cigale do not work anymore. They will need to be regenerated with this version.


Download CIGALE 0.9.0.