List of publications


Team publications using CIGALE Python:

Boquien et al. 2016 “Towards universal hybrid star formation rate estimators”

Ciesla et al. 2016 “The imprint of rapid star formation quenching on the spectral energy distributions of galaxies”

Buat et al. 2015 “Dust attenuation up to z ≃ 2 in the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole Deep Field”

Ciesla et al. 2015 “Constraining the properties of AGN host galaxies with spectral energy distribution modelling” Paper describing the AGN modelling in CIGALE

Boquien et al. 2014 “Impact of star formation history on the measurement of star formation rates”

Roehlly et al. 2014 “Pcigale: Porting Code Investigating Galaxy Emission to Python” Proceeding


Main CIGALE Fortran publications:

Giovannoli et al. 2011 “Population synthesis modelling of luminous infrared galaxies at intermediate redshift”

Serra et al. 2011 “CIGALEMC: Galaxy Parameter Estimation Using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach with CIGALE”

Noll et al. 2009 “Analysis of galaxy spectral energy distributions from far-UV to far-IR with CIGALE: studying a SINGS test sample”

Burgarella et al. 2005 “Star formation and dust attenuation properties in galaxies from a statistical ultraviolet-to-far-infrared analysis”