Version 2020.0

After a year and a half of hard work we are happy to release a new version of Cigale. It comes with many new features and bug fixes in addition to various optimizations, making it better and faster all around. In particular we would like to highlight the following:

  • The SKIRTOR AGN models (Stalevski et al. 2016) have been added, complementing the models of Fritz et al. (2006).
  • The estimated physical properties are now given with units so there is no ambiguity. Note that for practical reasons they can only be given in the FITS files. It is generally recommended to use these rather than ASCII files.
  • It is now possible to easily obtain Bayesian estimates of any band. This can be useful for estimating a flux when preparing an observing proposal for instance.
  • The database now includes the JWST NIRCam and MIRI filters by default.
  • The pcigale-plots script has been largely rewritten. It is now more modular, flexible, and it brings more clarity, in particular to the SED plots.
  • There have been many optimizations. The actual speedup will vary depending on your workload but some computationally expensive steps are now up to 50% faster.

Note that the minimum version requirement of Python has been bumped to 3.6 but version 3.7 or later is recommended for optimal performance. As usual it is very strongly recommended to regenerate pcigale.ini with this new version.

Download CIGALE 2020.0

The development of this new version of Cigale was partially supported through the FONDECYT REGULAR grant folio 1170618.

If you are looking for X-CIGALE (Yang et al. 2020), please refer to the download page.